For The First Time Ever Postal-Related Products

Books. eBooks, Coloring & activity books “DIY” Letter Destination board game that focuses on how to write, address, mail letters correctly and Child Safety Prevention

Hello, my name is Thimas Levuticus Millhouse Jr, I am a retired United States Postal letter carroer. I’ve beed carrying mail for 31 years and have been goinginto schools since 1985 for career days.While representing my career with the US Postal Services I discovereded that  a book had not been written since 1979. A lot has changed in my 31 years of service with the presence of new technology and automation. My wife Judy was an art major and also taught as a secondary school teacher. She assisted me in illustrating a new children’s book trageted for pre-school through Junior High. The New Book tells The Story of Postal System at work.

and how letters are processed and delivered. What began as single project become an 84-page coloring story and activity book. We now have 3 eBooks, “DIY” board game, in-school program that teaches children how to write, address, and mail letters. The program is easily implemented into any classroom curriculum and is beneficial for classroom projects or special events such as holidays, birthdays, Pen Pal, back to school, night and open house. The materials have been measured by the California State standard for literature as well as other educational values.

With the existence of Covid-19 knocks on so many doors with so many lockdowns and restrictions, myself having 31 years of experience in the Postal Service together with teachers and educators help bring you educational entertaining at its best in a fun engaging way. Also, to be released for the first time ever is a “DIY” postal board game called “Letter Destination” where teachers and parents can make for themselves as many board games as they like easy an affordable. I have hand made dozens of board games and have received offer

from major companies, as well as, for my books. And so, I look forward to helping you with your “DIY” board game.

So many children have fallen behind in their education and so we moved with utmost urgency to meet our children where they are and fill a void of schools closers. At home children have become pupils of parents so it’s our mission to help support these endeavors.

We’ve decided that we would help rebuild

what has become a travesty to our nation against our children,teachers, mothers fathers and all of those. My Mama usedto say, “Many hands makes the load light”. I hope that I’ve learned something that would make a resounding- echo in the corredor’s of her dwelling place and you can help

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