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Myla is a lovely girl who loves to write letters and collect stamps. She Write excellently., ready to relish her sweet experiences through her letters. She gets and invitations form her grandparents to come on a weekend boat ride to view the west Quaddy Head Lighthouse from the seal! She is super excited! What is her response?

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Hello, my name is Thimas Levuticus Millhouse Jr, I am a retired United States Postal letter carroer. I’ve beed carrying mail for 31 years and have been goinginto schools since 1985 for career days.While representing my career with the US Postal Services I discovereded that  a book had not been written since 1979. A lot has changed in my 31 years of service with the presence of new technology and automation. My wife Judy was an art major and also taught as a secondary school teacher. She assisted me in illustrating a new children’s book trageted for pre-school through Junior High. The New Book tells The Story of Postal System at work.


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