The paperback book of myla’s letter


Will Sunny be the one who delivers Myla’s letter? How will Myla’s letter emphasize the importance of postal services and their differential relevance when compared to modern technology? In his era of advanced technology, the United States Postal Services has no reduced its usefulness but revamped it so that the firs should not be the last. It equally appreciates and invigorates its Praetorian’s support.

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Thomas L Millhouse is a retired Letter Carrier for The US postal service. He was in service for 32 years, married to Judy, who taught in public school as well as homeschooling for many years. Thomas and Judy Millhouse created the Letter Destination Safety Kids Program. taught in public and private schools for over three decades. They teach kids to write, dress, mail letters, and comprehend how the US Postal Services process and deliver mails


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